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We suggest that you visit the websites (links above and below) when you need sources to clarify your doubts and get updated information.




Ways of legalizing your stay in the Republic of Poland:

Citizens of the European Union, as well as Switzerland or other countries belonging to the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) may enter Poland without a visa and remain on Polish territory without legalising their stay for 3 months. If a period of continuous stay in Poland is longer than 3 months, such persons are obliged to register their stay. In order to obtain the residence permit, documents have to be submitted by the student in person by the first day of the 4th month from their entering the Republic of Poland.

Citizens of non-EU/EFTA countries should obtain a visa from a Polish diplomatic post in their country before coming to Poland. If they wish to prolong their stay in the Republic of Poland, an application for a residence permit for a fixed period should be submitted to a voivode competent for the place of the student’s planned stay before the end of the residence period based on the visa, or before the end of the period for which the previous temporary residence permit has been granted.

Detailed information about coming to the Republic of Poland can be found at:

The list of Polish Diplomatic Missions Abroad can be found at


Foreign Affairs Department of the Lodz Voivodship Office:

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The Lodz Voivodship Citizen’s and Foreign Affairs Department – website:

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1.  2 copies of filled application forms for permission for temporary residence  [complete it in the Polish language; write in CAPITAL letters],

2.  4 undamaged, up-to-date colour photographs (size 4,5cm x 3,5cm, exposed evenly  on a light background, made not earlier than 6 months before; a person should be bareheaded, without glasses with dark lenses, looking straight into the camera with a neutral facial expression. It is advisable to attach one additional photograph in order to facilitate the procedure. The person on the photograph may wear head covering should their confession require that  – in such case, please additionally submit a certificate of confession),

3.  valid travel document (an original and two photocopies of your passport),

4.  proof of  accommodation (Polish: zameldowanie) [e.g. taken from your dormitory’s reception desk, or from your landlord],

5. proof of financial resources ( [applies to students, and other groups of foreigners listed in the regulation] – please note that the minimum amount is 701 PLN per person per month, or its equivalent in a foreign currency (plus 528 PLN per person per month for dependent family members if they stay in Poland with you): this applies to the first 12 months of stay, or to the whole period if shorter than 12 months; and, in addition, a return ticket to your home country, or financial means to cover it, i.e.: no less than 200 PLN (or the equivalent in foreign currency) if you came from a country that borders Poland; 500 PLN if you came from an European foreign country; 2500 PLN if you came from a non-European country,

6.  proof of stamp duty for the permit (340 PLN) and residence card (50 PLN) [caution: there may be two different bank accounts for each payment],

7.  document(s) confirming medical insurance valid in Poland (caution: the insurance should cover the entire residence period inquired in the application, and state the amount of coverage),

8.  document(s) confirming the premise for stay in Poland [the basis for it; such as confirmation from the University (see below)],

The official language is Polish. Documents issued in any other language must be translated into Polish by a sworn translator (with official certification legal in Poland). You may contact the ISO for a list of sworn translators in Lodz.

Original copies of the documents are needed by the Office. Submit the very original documents that you hold. Do not submit photocopies except if clearly told by the procedure.

In the case of taking up STUDIES, you are also to submit:

(9.) A certificate of enrolment or continuation of studies at a higher education institution, and specifying its duration, and way of financing, including the amount of fees and the period of studies paid for. The certificate is to be signed by the Head of the organizational unit (Dean).

If the basis for your application for a temporary residence permit is EMPLOYMENT, you are also to submit:

1. A statement of regular and stable income,

2. Proof of accommodation in Poland, for the period of employment

NOTE that these arrangement are subject to change: it is advisable that check yourself at the Foreign Affairs Department  of Lodz Voivodship (scroll up to the upper part of this page to see contact details), shortly after your arrival.


Remember to maintain your e-mail account and Polish mobile phone number for at least 3 month after application: the Office may try to reach you via them.

Once you made your application, CHECK YOUR MAILBOX (at the dormitory, etc.) regularly.  The authorities will send you letters by post. Failure to collect it in 14 days results in an assumption that the letter actually reached you.

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