International Relations Office

Refund policy

Resignation from studies before matriculating gives you the right to apply for total refund of tuition fees (including the first year/semester increase of EUR 100) you were asked to pay during the admission process (which does not include the EUR 20 application fee).

Example: a candidate for a BA in Computer Science had paid EUR 2600 for first year tuition fee but then got a visa refusal letter from the Embassy before the resumption of classes. This candidate is suggested to send us a resignation letter with bank details and the transfer of EUR 2600 will be ordered.


If you fail to relocate to UL for degree studies (your visa application gets refused by the Embassy, you are unable to make your visa appointment, the scheduled visa collection date is definitely too late, or you had to cancel your travel plans for external reasons), then you should make us aware of this fact by sending a message through the admission platform and/or e-mail (admission[at] You will receive a resignation letter template to be printed out, filled out and sent back to us with other attachments if required.

This also means that you agree that your decision on resignation will be communicated to Polish Border Guard and Polish Consular Service on request for lists of admitted candidates and of those who resign.

Whenever possible, back your resignation letter with evidence of consular procedures you took part in.


In accord with the template sent to you, please provide precise bank details that are used for international transfers, with SWIFT code and appropriate headquarters or administration office address. Use IBAN if available for your bank.

The amount refunded may be affected by transfer costs, especially if intermediary banks are involved, which should especially be borne in mind if the target bank is located in a remote country and/or uses a different currency than EUR.

If you use third party (someone else’s) bank details then please note that UL bears no responsibility for the transaction taking place between the third party and you. We may only account for the transfer between the UL and the third party being the account holder whose details you provided. Therefore it is generally advised to use bank details of your own account.


The refund of tuition fees should generally be finalized before 31 December each year. It is suggested that you provide your resignation letter not later than the end of November (which is also the time when most refunds take place). Due to admission, starting classes and related procedures we may not be able to proceed with the refund as early as in October.

The application fee (20 EUR per each programme, for admission process) is not refunded.

Please be aware that the procedure described above does not pertain to students who have just matriculated, submitted original documents and already started classes before making their decision on resigning from studies. In such cases, a part of tuition fee is deduced from the refund.

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