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Terms of Studying in Poland

Polish Higher Education System – please click on the hyperlink to visit the page of the Ministry of Higher Education to learn about the education system in Poland.

Foreigners who can study on the same terms as Polish citizens

Foreigners studying in Poland on the same terms as Polish citizens have the right to free of charge studies at public Institutions. Since 2004 foreigners are free to undertake and continue studies, participate in scientific research, training projects and schemes on the same terms as Polish citizens if they are:

  • immigrant employees with a citizenship in one of the EU or EFTA countries (signatories of the European Economic Area Agreement), provided they are or have been employed in Poland, as well as their families residing in Poland
  • citizens of EU or EFTA countries (signatories of the European Economic Area Agreement) and their families provided that they have financial resources necessary to cover cost of studying; such persons are not entitled to receive bursaries (student benefits)
  • foreigners granted a settlement permit in the territory of the Republic of Poland
  • foreigners with a refugee status granted in Poland
  • foreigners offered temporary protection in the territory of the Republic of Poland
  • foreigners provided Polish Card (Karta Polaka)

Students who wish to continue studies finished abroad must produce a list of subjects taken and grades (transcript of records) obtained at their former Higher Education Institutions together with a certificate/diploma which allows them to undertake the studies at the BA or MA level in the country where the certificate/diploma was issued.

At the University of Lodz, the decision about admission is made based on the results and, sometimes, on an interview in the subject related to their field of study. If a candidate chooses to study in Polish, the interview is held in Polish.

Full-time studies at public Higher Education Institutions are free of charge for Polish citizens and European Union citizens in Poland. EU and EFTA citizens can enroll for either full-time or part-time studies in the same way as Polish citizens and usually may study without being charged (only full-time BA or MA studies) or pay tuition fees applicable to Polish students, whose amount depends on the field of study.

Other foreigners pay tuition fees, which are at the University of Lodz minimum of:

  • 2000 EUR per year – for vocational, uniform master’s degree and post-bachelor master’s degree studies;
  • 3000 EUR per year – for doctoral, postgraduate and special studies; research, arts, specialised and postdoctoral internships.

When applying for the studies, the candidates are also obliged to pay one-time additional 120 EUR administrative fee.

Foreigners, non-EU citizens of Polish origin are liable to 50% discount of tuition payment.

Admission procedure for candidates not mentioned above

Other persons may study in Poland as:

  • Polish scholarship holders;
  • individuals on a fee-paying basis;
  • free from charges and scholarships;
  • as the free-from-fee holders of scholarship from their country of origin;
  • as the holders of scholarship from an educational institution or a natural or legal person.

Polish and foreign scholarship holders are admitted according to the rules stated in appropriate Polish or international agreements. For other candidates, admission procedure includes analyzing the results on certificates or diplomas obtained in another country. In any case, candidates are advised to contact the International Students Office prior to their admission to UL.

Polish is the language of instruction for the majority of study programmes run at University of Lodz . However, several faculties offer a selection of programmes or courses taught in foreign languages, mostly in English, but also in French, and German.

Here you will find the list of courses delivered in foreign languages.

The Rules of Study at the Unviersity of Lodz can be found here: Rules of Study at the UL

The Rules for Doctoral Studies at the Unviersity of Lodz can be found here: SOON.

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Act of 27 July 2005:  Law on Higher Education

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