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Health Care

Polish National Health Found (NFZ) offers free of charge medical services for those who pay or are covered by this medical insurance. Before seeing a doctor it is necessary to register at the registration desk and to present an insurance policy and student identification card, known as legitymacja in Polish.


Akademickie Centrum Medyczne Szpital Świętej Rodziny swieta-rodzina-logo

  • modern health care centre that offers multiple areas of service, designed for foreign students
  • qualified family doctors (GP’s) and specialized physicians (incl. dentists) – visits are free of charge for NFZ insurance holders*
  • diagnostic facilities including: x-ray, ultrasound, astrointestinal endoscopy, audiometry, spirometry, cardiovascular function and others
  • preventive programs, vaccinations and patient education
  • The Healthy Nutrition Clinic
  • English speaking doctors and helpline for foreign students
  • Convenient location in the city centre
  • Easy access by public transport
  • Near Galeria Łódzka mall and Silver Screen cinema
  • No unnecessary formalities

19 Wigury Street Łódź
Tel: +48 42 254 9691
Helpline: 796 33 29 33

Office/surgery on campus
Dormitory no. 14, 21/23 Matejki Street, Łódź
Tel: +48 42 635 4749

* planned treatment is free of charge with a valid insurance with the National Health Fund or with an insurance company which has already signed an agreement with our medical centre for the particular area of health service
* emergency cases visits and diagnostic tests are free of charge for holders of EKUZ card, Pole’s Card or the Polish National Health Fund (NFZ) insurance

The Medical Centre offers also commercial services, which guarantee the highest quality and fast arrangement of visits, especially to specialized physicians.



The UL campus features another medical unit – it is called the PALMA. To register there for the first time, a student has to fill in a special form available on the site (in Polish). It is advisable to go there with a person speaking good Polish to avoid communication problems.

Health Centre PALMA
14 Lumumby Street
91-404 Łódź
Tel: +48 42 633 0416
+48 42 633 4200


A person preferring the private health service can look for a specialist in a local newspaper listing or a directory. One visit costs about 90 zł. Medications can be bought in a pharmacy, known in Polish as apteka. You can find one in the Campus, at 3 Tamka Street (at the walkway between Tamka Street and Dormitory No. 10).


A non-stop emergency medical service center (Pogotowie Ratunkowe) is in 137/141 Sienkiewicza Street (in the neighborhood of Galeria Łódzka). You may use their service in emergency cases, such as injuries, when no other service is available.

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