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If you are a student from a non-EU/EEA country, you should purchase (and most likely you had) health insurance in your home country, valid in Poland. According to state health regulations, foreigners (except for EU/EEA citizens, who follow the EHIC card regulations) have to pay for a medical consultation. The cost should be reimbursed by the health insurance company, but please verify your agreement attentively so you are aware which medical consultations/procedures are refund. More information about Polish Public health services can be found on:

“I need to visit a doctor – what to do next?”

There are two possibilities that apply to majority of students:

  • You have the EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) or NFZ insurance: go to any health centre with “NFZ” sign and fill in declaration (in Polish) on site. For visit, you need to make appointment at the reception desk (you can try calling them). With EHIC, visit is free, as well as most medical examinations that are ordered by a doctor. TIP: when searching google for the medical centre, try those words: Łódź, przychodnia, POZ, wizyta u lekarza, NFZ.
  • You have private insurance: first of all, call your insurance provider and describe what is happening. They should give you address of a specific health centre that will assist you. Please know that you will be required to pay for the visit and then the cost is reimbursed by the health insurance company, but please verify your agreement attentively so you are aware which medical consultations/procedures can be refunded.



If the insurance company in your home country does not pay benefits abroad, you must get insurance after arriving in Poland, as soon as possible. To get health insurance, you can apply to the local branch of the National Heath Fund (58 Kopcińskiego Street), also known as the NFZ.

From the 1st June 2020 until further notice, the NFZ service desk is located at 35 Targowa street.

Bring a copy of:

  • your passport
  • confirmation of student status from the UL (the student status form must be in Polish; get it from the Dean’s Office at your UL Faculty).
  • official confirmation of the place of residence; first you take the proof of accommodation from the Dorm reception and then you need to register your address personally in the City of Łódź Office – Łódzkie Centrum Kontaktu z Mieszkańcami, 110 Piotrkowska Street (entrance from Schiller Passage / Aleja Schillera).

Monthly fee for this kind of insurance is 55,80 zł (PLN 55,80). You need to go to the NFZ office to sign the agreement and then remember about paying each month on time to stay insured.

Once you have the Polish National Health Found (NFZ) insurance, you can seek medical treatment that is free of charge. Before seeing a doctor it is necessary to register at the registration desk and to present an insurance policy and your Student ID (Polish: legitymacja).

List of health centres which offer service in English for UL students in the academic year 2020/20201

Hospital „Barlickiego” (has an emergency ward)
ul. Kopcińskiego 22, Łódź
tel: +48 42 677 66 00

Please note that emergency wards are for emergency situations only. For less serious conditions, or usual treatment of illness, please use regular doctor appointments.

A non-stop emergency medical service center (Pogotowie Ratunkowe) is in 137/141 Sienkiewicza Street (in the neighborhood of Galeria Łódzka). You may use their service in emergency cases, such as injuries, when no other service is available.

A person preferring the private health service can look for a specialist in a local newspaper listing or a directory. One visit costs about 90 zł.

Medications can be bought in a pharmacy, known in Polish as apteka. You can find one in the Campus, at 3 Tamka Street (at the walkway between Tamka Street and Dormitory No. 10).

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