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These are some of the most commonly asked questions:

My studies were in English, do I still have to provide a language certificate?

Generally, not. In some cases, it is required to arrange a Skype interview with the Faculty Coordinator.  It is important for us to know what country you studied in and make sure you write a good Cover Letter.

Will you pay back the administrative fee of 20 EUR to me if I do not get a VISA?

This administrative fee is non-reimbursable. 

Can I pay the administrative fee from my friend’s bank account?

Yes, provided the payment description includes your name and a chosen study programme.

Can I pay the equivalent of the administrative fee or tuition fee in dollars?

No. Our account receives payments in Euro.

I have just paid the administrative and tuition fee and sent you the proof of payment. When can I expect my Confirmatiuon Letter to be issued?

We will issue the Confirmation Letter after the payment reaches the University of Lodz’s bank account. This takes a little bit of a procedure, so the Letter can be issued in about a week, or up to 10 days. Please wait for the message.

You have informed me that you got 19 Euro instead of 20. I don’t think it was my fault, as you have seen on the payment proof – what can I do to make up for this?

Sometimes it happens that a smaller amount of money arrives than the applicant intended, which is due to the transfer bank charges. In such cases we ask the applicant to make an extra transfer to make the fee complete. This is the way we fix it, but it also makes us wait again for the confirmation, which may take another week. Please make sure with your bank this will not happen again.

How can I send the application form and other documents?

The only way is to upload them with the Admission IRK platform. In justified cases, you may send them via traditional mail as well as via e-mail.

I want to ask you about the cover letter. Do I have to write my name and everything about me and why I want to study there?

Yes, preferably. Most Faculties require a cover letter to make their initial decision.

I am applying for postgraduate (MA) studies and have already sent you my BA diploma, together with the transcript. Do I still have to send you a scan of my high school leaving certificate?

Yes, since this is a general UL regulation. We need only a copy of your high school certificate. In this case there is no need to have the certificate legalized.

Is it possible to pay the tuition fee (2,500 EUR) later? Let’s say, in August?

Yes, August is fine for candidates who live in Europe. September might be too late in some cases: we will need to confirm your payment on our bank account, and send a Confirmation Letter to you, and you will need to apply for a visa. Please take these circumstances into the consideration.

What happens after I make the payment for 1 academic year and I will not get a VISA from the Polish Embassy? 

If you pay a tuition fee for the first year of your studies and then fail to get a Polish visa, the tuition fee will be fully reimbursed (repaid) to you in the fall of the calendar year.

Who makes an initial decision that I can proceed with Second Stage?

Your grades and application are verified by the Faculty Coordinator (PhD or Professor of UL) who makes their decision based on your results and documents. This usually takes about a week, but may take anything from 2 days to 2 weeks.  In certain cases, it might take a bit longer than 2 weeks.

Is English an official language in Poland?

No, there is only one official language and it is Polish language. More and more people speak English, but is it advisable to take up some lessons of Polish language after coming to Lodz to be able to move more freely in the city.

I am a citizen of an EFTA country, which is not a member of the EU. How much is my application fee?

Your application fee is 85 PLN, paid in PLN. It is non-reimbursable. For the recruitment process please visit:

Can I legally work in Poland as a student?

Yes, you can work as a full-time student. You do not need any extra work permits if you are a student of full-time, daytime university studies (including doctoral studies) in Poland. (Dz.U. – Journal of Laws, Year 2015, item 588 – Section 1 (10)).

Are there any job restrictions (hours etc.)?

No. If you find time, you can work the same amount of hours as a regular employee: i.e. up to 40 hours in a five-day working week but studies might be quite intense so we do not suggest starting full-time job during first year studies.

When am I expected to pay for my room in a dorm?

You are expected to pay the accommodation costs shortly after your arrival in Lodz (cost approx. 110EUR per person per month, and a typical room is for 2 students). Be aware that there is also a 1 time deposit paid upon your check-in, which is given back to you at the end of the academic year (if the room is returned in good condition). It is approx. 175 EUR. You need to make your initial payments to the end of your first week of stay. We do not have single rooms.

Do I have to legalize my Birth Certificate to show it at the UL?

As far as the UL is concerned, the answer is no. This is unnecessary for schooling purposes. It is your consular office who might require this.


My date of birth on my WAEC Certificate is different from the one in my passport. Can I still apply?

Since WAEC make no alterations to their certificates, we will ask you for a Sworn Affidavit of correction of date of birth, available at the Magistrate Courts. If you are able to support (and upload) this, you can proceed with your application.

I still haven’t got my WAEC certificate issued. I sent you my high school transcript and the scratch card details, so you can verify my results online – will this be enough?

Not really. Though, it may be enough to make an initial decision on strict condition that you provide the original soon. We do need to see your original WAEC Certificate (just as is the case with any high school leaving certificate), and you should send its scan or copy to us before late August.

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