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Before you decide to apply for a place in UL dormitory, please be informed, that throughout the whole period of epidemics, the UL Dormitories will maintain a sanitary regime which must be strictly obeyed by the students. When deciding to apply for a place, please think thoroughly if you are able to comply with all the restrictions that will be kept in the dormitories. We understand that they are not easy, but they are set for the safety of the students and dorm administration.

The risk related to coronavirus is still real and serious. Although some restrictions have been removed in Poland, special rules still apply and will apply in the UL dormitories and need to be followed with respect.

Our priority is to ensure the safety for both students and dormitory employees

Please remember that the following rules apply in the UL dorms:

  1. The Dormitory Reception has the right to check every entry and going out of its residents. They will ask you:  why you leave the building, where are you going and when will you return. They will also check if you are coming back at the declared time. Each time you must sign in, when you go out and return to the dormitory.
  2. A resident may leave the dormitory for one or more nights, provided it has been consulted and agreed with the dormitory manager. In case of lack of agreement and leaving the dormitory despite this, you will lose your place. Your belongings will be packed and put in a safe place.
  3. There is no possibility for visits of people from outside or residents from other student dormitories.
  4. The dormitory is closed from 11.00 pm. / 23:00.
  5. TV rooms and gyms are closed.
  6. We remind you to wear masks even when you use the laundry, drying room or go to the reception desk.
  7. Only one person can be in the kitchen at the given time.
  8. Residents are forbidden to gather in the corridors.

Violation of the above rules will result in the removal from the dormitory. These restrictions are introduced for the safety of both you – students – as well as dormitory administration. If you don’t agree with these rules, please consider another place of residence.

The above procedures were prepared on the basis of the current internal regulations of the University of Lodz, as well as state regulations. In the event of various unforeseen circumstances, decisions previously taken by the University Authorities may change based on the current epidemiological situation at the UL Campus.


1. Accommodation request to grant a room for the new academic year (first year students or student who apply for a place for the 1st time)

2. Accommodation request to book a room for the next academic year (for students who continue studies and accommodation) is made through USOSweb (9-23.06.20202)

3. Accommodation request to grant a room for the period of holidays – must be sent to until 20 June 2020. NOTE: during the summer holiday, no new residents will be accepted, which is due to disease threat linked to the pandemics. Non-dorm residents: you can apply for a place only during summer examination session (using the same application form).

Contacts of UL dormitories

If you have any questions, why not give us a call: 42 635 42 37.

IRO staff


//Polish version//

Wniosek o rezerwację miejsca w DS UŁ na kolejny rok akademicki należy złożyć przez USOSweb (tylko studenci kontynuujący studia i zakwaterowanie) do 23 czerwca 2020.

Wniosek o przyznanie miejsca w DS UŁ na okres wakacji – wniosek wyślij na adres do 20 czerwca 2020. WAŻNE: w związku z zagrożeniem związanym z pandemią wywołaną przez koronawirusa, nowi mieszkańcy nie będą kwaterowani w akademikach podczas wakacji. Studenci nie mieszkający obecnie w akademiku: możecie ubiegać się o miejsce na czas letniej sesji egzaminacyjnej (tej sam wniosek).

Wniosek o przyznanie miejsca w DS UŁ na nowy rok akademicki (I rok)


W razie pytań, możesz kontaktować się z Biurem Współpracy z Zagranicą, nr telefonu: 42 635 42 37.



Rules of living in the dormitory

Rules of guest rooms

Rules of election to a Residents Council at a University of Lodz Dormitory


Location: Lodz, Matejki Street (Dorm No. 14 – default); Lodz, Lumumby Street (Dorms Nos. 2 & 10); Lodz, Strajku Łódzkich Studentów 1981 r. Street (all other Dorms)  (link)

Current fees: from 280 to 440 PLN per person per month; 700 PLN one-time deposit (link)

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