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Microsoft Office 365 at the University of Lodz – new email accounts for students

Dear Students!

In the coming days, you will be given access to a new email account, the activation of which is MANDATORY. Together with your account, you will get free Office 365 Pro Plus, which you can install on your private devices.

We are starting the new academic year with a new student email address in domain. Regardless of whether you have been studying at the University of Lodz for some time or it is your first year, you will receive the access to a new account. Due to this, you have the following benefits:

  • possibility of using the extended Microsoft Office 365 Professional Plus package, which can be installed on up to 15 private devices (5 computers, 5 tablets and 5 phones)! (Note! These divisions cannot be changed, e.g. 6 computers and 4 tablets etc.)
  • you will get 2 terabytes (TB) of OneDrive storage space
  • the technical problems associated with online classes will be significantly reduced (you will no longer be a “guest” on Teams platform).

What do you have to do to switch to the new account? Actually, nothing – just start using it!

A message with a link to activate your account in the new domain will be sent (exceptionally) to your private email address. We will ONLY send messages to the private emails related to the administration of your student email – other communication will be carried out ONLY via the account at Please note, that if you do not activate the account, you will miss all key messages sent by the Dean’s Office, IRO, Lecturers or University Authorities. You will also not receive the Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus package.


How will it look technically?

New accounts will be created automatically. The login will consist of letters “UL” and seven digits, which will include your USOS ID (example: UL0234654). We will send it to you in a message informing you about setting up of your account (should you forget it, you will be always able to recover it through the “login reminder” option, which is available on the website). You will set the password yourself.

What is USOS ID? It is your individual ID which you get while being admitted for studies for the first time.

Together with the login, a new email address will be created for you in domain.
Generally it will look like this: However, in order not to use irrelevant  words and numbers, we will also automatically generate you so-called “aliases”, which are an alternative, more accessible email addresses. They will be based on your first and last name separated by dots. Thanks to this, recipients will receive emails from  instead of messages from There you go. That’s better, isn’t it?

Please remember – Your login is:

After activating your account, please remember to log in with your new domain in Office 365 and especially in Microsoft Teams. This will allow you to participate in online classes efficiently. We also encourage you to install Microsoft Office 365 Professional Plus on your own devices (yes, the private ones too).

New login will be also useful for logging in:

  • in Microsoft Teams platform (for classes conducted online by lecturers)
  • in Office 365 Professional Plus (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.)
  • to USOSweb (grades, registration for classes)
  • to the Mobile USOS application (class schedules, grades, etc.) available in the App Store and Google Play
  • to the Eduroam network (free wi-fi within the University of Lodz buildings as well as other universities and institutions which are using this network around the world!)
  • to the Moodle platform (e-learning courses and assignments from lecturers)
  • to the Archives of Diploma Thesis


Accounts in the domain

If you have been studying at the University of Lodz for some time and you have an account in the domain, you will also get a link to activate your account. Your account in the domain will be active until 31st December 2021. Until then, you can transfer all files stored there to the new account, but please remember – you will no longer receive emails from your Dean’s Office to this address.

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