International Relations Office


Q. – I have been nominated to study in University of Lodz but I have not received the acceptance letter yet.

A. – If you have replied to an email from us about all the required documents you need to fill in and send, do not worry – as long as these documents are here with us. You are admitted and be sure you will receive the acceptance letter soon.

Q – While completing my Learning Agreement, do I need to choose courses all from the same Faculty?

A. – No. You can choose any courses that you find interesting or valuable, on condition that your home coordinator accepts them into your Learning Agreement. If you mix courses from different Faculties, you will be assigned to the Faculty that matches most of your choices.

Q. – I would like to apply for a place in Dormitory, preferably a single room. Could it be possible?

If you wish to stay in a dormitory, do not hesitate to send us your accommodation request, eg. by ticking an appropriate box in our online recruitment system. But bear in mind we have a limited number of places in our dorms. If you need to feel safe about your dormitory room, send your request early enough before the deadline. The accommodation is provided in double rooms, without any exception.

Q. – I have been guaranteed with a place in dormitory but I do not know yet in which I will live and my date of arrival is in a couple of weeks.

A. – If you have been guaranteed a place, do not worry, your place is kept. As soon as we have the information on your dorm number, we will send it to you. Please be patient with the procedures of the University bodies that assign students to particular dorms – especialy during late vacation period, these may require extra time.

Q.- I am in Lodz, what should I do?

A. – Welcome to Lodz. We will be waiting for you in our office ( ) to make a copy of your ID card or passport and insurance (European Health Insurance Card or private health insurance valid in Poland). Moreover, we will sign your arrival certificate and send it to your home university by fax or mail. Remember to visit us soon: your arrival certificate will be signed and the date we put on it is the day you first come to the office. Finally, you will receive information about which is your faculty and your coordinator.

Q. – Can I change my dormitory?

A. – To change the dormitory you must find another Erasmus student (in the dormitory you want to move into) who want to change to your dorm (which you want to leave). Otherwise, it is not possible make a change.

Q. – I still don’t know who my coordinator at the UL is.

A. – Visit, or call, our office to check it on an appropriate list. He/she is, as a rule, the Erasmus (departmental) coordinator at the Faculty that runs the majority of the courses shown at your Learning Agreement (exceptions are rare, but possible – that’s why you’d rather contact us).

Q. – What is the difference between a Faculty, an Erasmus Coordinator, and a Dean’s Office?

A. – A Faculty is a school (division, department) of the University of Lodz: as a large-scale institution, we are divided into Faculties for different subjects. An Erasmus Coordinator is of two kinds: ie. can be departmental or institutional.  Erasmus (departmental) Coordinator, also called Erasmus faculty coordinator, is a teacher of a particular Faculty who coordinates Erasmus courses at that Faculty: you will need their signature on your Erasmus-related documents, and you will need their approval if you change course(s) during your stay. An Erasmus (institutional) coordinator is a teacher who visits our office to give your Learning Agreement (or Changes, or ToR) the final signature on the part of the UL. A Dean’s Office is an administrative office of a particular faculty that handles students’ internal documents such as evaluation sheet, student ID, etc.

Q. – When do the class start? Where can I check the schedule?

A. – Some schedules will be published in our pages. But not all of them, so you may have to ask at the Dean’s office of your Faculty, and/or your coordinator. You can also ask your mentor, he/she may help you.

Q. – I need to change my learning agreement.

A. – You have time until the end of October to make changes in it. When you decide which changes are you going to make, be sure your faculty coordinator signs it (Changes to Learning Agreement document) and you leave it in our office to be signed by the institutional coordinator. After that, you can collect it and send it to your university. When it is signed for both institutions, be sure you give us a copy.

Q. – I need to make my student’s card.

A. – The first step is pay 17 zloty in Kasa (an office situated in the Rektorat, Lindleya Street entrance, ground floor). Secondly, you have to go with the receipt and one photo to the appropriate Dean’s Office. Finally, they (your Dean’s Office) will tell you the date of picking up.

Q.-What is the evaluation sheet?

A. – It is a document with all courses you have attended during the semester. We will send an email to inform when you can go to pick up it in your Dean’s Office. Then go, teacher by teacher, collecting final marks and signatures. When you have it filled, leave it back at Dean’s Office.

Q.-What is the Transcripti of the Records? What should I do?

A.-It is a final official record of your achievement. After you leave your evaluation sheet in the Dean’s Office, the Transcript of the Records will be made and sent to our office. As soon as possible, we will send it to your university.

Q. – I have finished my Erasmus and I leave Poland.

A. – First of all, we wish your time Poland has been pleasant, funny and comfortable. Do not forget to visit our office to sign the departure certificate and remember: we write the date you come to our office.


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